Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How To Build Bat Box's to naturally protect against Zika or West Nile virus

Most bats in the U.S. eat insects, loads of insects, some eat fruit, but there aren’t any blood-sucking bats in North America. The bats’ nocturnal habits keep them active during the night — dusk to dawn.

They feast and munch on disease-carrying mosquitoes that have the potential to infect humans with Zika or West Nile. Bats are credited as being a natural, organic, way of pest control.

To avoid what is known as the ‘pesticide treadmill’ the town is encouraging families to build their own bat houses. The boxes at the botanical gardens were built by boy and girl scouts with scrap wood, nails, screws, and stain. The boxes should be given a southern exposure.

“Just need to go up 15 to 30 feet to get them off the ground. Bats are more comfortable when they are high up and can eat 1,000 mosquitoes in an hour once situated in an area,

Here are some Bat Box plans 

Now let's get Batty building these box's