Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ancient mystery found in Pennsylvania Wilds

A subterranean chamber was discovered near Tionesta in western Pennsylvania by two hunters. The History Channels H2 America Unearthed did a feature on the find and came to the conclusion that it may have been built by Freemasons in the 1700's or Bronze Age Irish sailors.

I have found a subterranean chamber in Central Pa atop Bald Eagle Mountain along the West Branch Susquehanna River.
  I am keeping this location a secret for now in hopes of exploring the chamber better in the future. The chamber is man made and is also half filled with water, so it makes this find very dangerous to explore. There are no roads or paths leading to the chamber and it is almost 1000 feet above the river facing due North.

I happened upon this hole while hunting on the mountain in late fall of 2011. I was taking a break from the long vertical climb, when sitting on a log right over the hole, I heard sticks and stones making splash noises in the water. After I cleared the opening of logs, limbs and leaves I was startled at what I had just uncovered. 
I took several pictures of the opening and several inside.
   Local legends of Native American's having Silver Mines in the area could have been the reason this hole was dug, or it could have been a hiding place for the Fair Play Men of the Tiadaghton when the British and Natives swept the West Branch known as, "The Big Runaway", it was a mass evacuation in June and July 1778 of settlers from the frontier areas of what is now north central Pennsylvania during the American Revolutionary War. A major campaign by Loyalists and Native Americans allied with the British and devastated the small communities on the northern and western branches of the Susquehanna River, prompting local militia leaders to order the evacuation. Most of the settlers relocated to Fort Augusta at modern day Sunbury at the confluence of the North and West Branches of the Susquehanna River, while their abandoned houses and farms were all burnt.

What ever this find of mine turns out to be will be very interesting to say the least, I will keep you posted in the future as I learn more about this mysterious water cavern in the Pa Wilds.

Here is the video of the Tionesta find on History Channels America Unearthed enjoy!

America Unearthed - Chamber Hunting by sky_wizard


  1. Very interesting, looks a hell of a lot an ancient Jewish mikvah